The Fox Tan The Triple Threat (with Rapid Watermelon Shimmer)


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The ultimate way to achieve you deepest, darkest tan, that lasts all summer long. Seriously. It all begins with our Rapid Elixir and Rapid Watermelon Shimmer which will make you glimmer and shimmer, they both contain our exclusive ingredient FoxComplex®. This active ingredient dramatically increases your melanin production, the stuff in your skin that helps you tan. More of this means you’ll achieve a deeper and darker tan faster! Next step, the Sun Tan Sealer – aka intense hydration. This is designed to enhance and prolong your tan – all day long, all night strong. All this packed in a versatile and super cute drawstring bag!


Step 1: Apply our Rapid Elixir every day, 3-5 days before sun or sunbed exposure. This is your preparation phase. Our active and exclusive FoxComplex® will begin to kick in and start building your melanin levels, ready for your ultimate tanning potential. Continue to use daily during periods of consistent sunshine.

Step 2: First start by giving your bottle a good shake to activate shimmer. Then spray liberally onto skin and rub in when gaining UV exposure, let this settle into your skin. Now it’s time to apply your desired SPF. Reapply your Watermelon Shimmer and SPF when necessary.

Step 3: Lock it in! Use our Sun Tan Sealer daily to prolong melanin production, and keep your tan game going stronger and longer. Massage into warm damp skin after a shower to lock in that moisture.


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